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It’s all about Security . . . . .

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Se-cur-i-ty. . . .  check it out in the dictionary, electronic or otherwise. The dictionary’s definition of security is:  freedom from risk or danger, safety.  If you are looking for a company to provide paper shredding services in Maine, New Hampshire, or Vermont that can help you manage your sensitive and confidential information, security is of utmost importance.

But what does security really mean?  At SecureRMS security is a cultural value that is interwoven into everything that we do in regards to meeting customer’s needs for confidential information destruction and paper shredding in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

So, it is not just our 7 year background checks and security screenings for all employees, it is not just our secure facility that has 16 video cameras covering all aspects of the operation, it is not just the locked security bins that are delivered to customer’s locations by uniformed Customer Service Drivers in our GPS monitored trucks, it is not just the automatic alerts we get if our truck should go off route or stay at a stop too long, it is not just the software that we use to track customer’s bar coded bins from when they are delivered empty and scanned, picked up full with documents and scanned, arrive at our secure facility where they are weighed and scanned, it is not just the  shredding of the confidential documents to 5/16” in width ( twice as small as the industry standard of 5/8”) and the Certificate of Destruction that customers receive after their documents have been destroyed, it is not just the recycling of the shredded paper by a domestic recycler who guarantees that the materials won’t be shipped offshore, and it is not just our 32 step Chain of Custody and our extensive policies and procedures and practices  that meet or exceed independent, third party, AAA certification standards for the confidential information destruction industry, and it is not just how these policies and procedures are implemented, applied, and reviewed in regular operational and security meetings with employees.

So what does security really mean if you are looking for paper shredding services in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont? At SecureRMS, the combination of all these things, all these individual components, is woven together to provide an environment, attitude, and culture at SecureRMS where security and freedom from risk for our customers is always paramount and our foremost objective.

To put it plainly, we treat your confidential documents like they are our own confidential documents.

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