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 SecureRMS Expands into Larger Facility

We have moved into our new facility at 10 Renaissance Way, Sanford, in the building shared with Marian Heath Greeting Cards and CrossFit 207. The new facility is 15,000 sq. ft., more than double the size of the previous space and has additional growth capacity.

Since opening in March of 2010 with a crew of 3, SecureRMS has grown to employ 14 individuals, has added hundreds of clients, increased the fleet and outgrown the available space at the original location. With a higher capacity shredder and additional loading docks, SecureRMS will be able to increase efficiency at the plant and have room to expand in the future.

SecureRMS's new facility

SecureRMS’s new facility

The new facility will maintain the comprehensive system of security measures, providing the highest level of confidentiality and customer service. The chain of custody starts at SecureRMS’s secure facility, goes to GPS monitored trucks, to the locked, bar-coded, and computer tracked bins at the customer’s location, back to the secure paper shredding facility, to a video-taped document destruction process, and ends when the shredded paper is baled, sold to a domestic paper mill, and recycled into tissue and other paper products.

Neal Meltzer, Executive Director of Waban and President of SecureRMS, said, “In the past 5 years, the footprint and impact of SecureRMS’s paper shredding and confidential information destruction services has increased exponentially. The new facility enables us enhance our current exceptional customer service practices, add larger equipment to increase our capacity and efficiency, and provide services to more customers. In addition, the larger space will enable us to expand our hard drive destruction and E-recycling services, providing more of a one-stop-shop for our customers’ entire range of both paper and electronic confidential information destruction needs.”

SecureRMS , provides secure document destruction and hard drive destruction services throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont and takes pride in providing high quality and nationally certified (NAID) services, at competitive prices, with the value added of creating jobs for people with disabilities and directing all proceeds to provide programs and housing for developmentally disabled members of our community.

Is Your Confidential Data Safe?

SecureRMS Hard Drive Destruction Specialist John devoid feeds a hard drive into the degausser as the first step in the destruction process.

SecureRMS Hard Drive Destruction Specialist John devoid feeds a hard drive into the degausser as the first step in the destruction process.

SANFORD – Your password. A customer’s social security number. A client’s health records. Bank records. Tax records. Invoices. This data exists even as companies dispose of outdated computer equipment and data storage devices after having them “wiped clean.” Savvy data thieves can sometimes restore  information even if it appears to have been erased. This makes those old computers targets for
information theft.

In today’s world, it’s impossible not to rely heavily on the electronic storage of data, which means it’s  imperative to have the ability to destroy data with complete assurance when finished with the data or  upgrading computer hardware. It is the responsibility of companies that use confidential information to protect this data. Legislation regarding breaches can impose fines up to $250,000 and even prison time  for each instance of privacy breach.

In order to address this need and growing concern, SecureRMS , a local Sanford company, has added  hard drive destruction s to its confidential document destruction services. Certified and background checked Customer Service Drivers retrieve hard drives from your location, and securely transport them  in GPS monitored trucks to the secure video‐monitored facility. Hard drives are degaussed and then physically destroyed, making them totally unusable. (Click here to read more SRMS Hard Drive  )

CSI will use Waban’s Secure Records Service   –   Foster’s Daily Democrat    Thursday, August 19, 2010

SANFORD/SACO – Two nonprofit social service organizations looking to work smarter and support each other in a fiscally challenging environment have decided to work together.  Counseling Services, Inc. (CSI), a community mental health agency serving southern Maine, has hired Secure Records Management Systems (SRMS), a subsidiary of Waban Projects, Inc., to handle the mental health agency’s confidential document destruction needs.

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Mainebiz        Maine’s Business News Source   –   August 9, 2010        Interview by Kayla Collins

 A conversation with Neal Meltzer, executive director of Secure Records Management Systems in Sanford

What is Secure Records Management Systems?

We’re a confidential information destruction business. SecureRMS is a social enterprise of Waban Projects, a nonprofit social services agency also in Sanford that provides services for children and adults with developmental disabilities. We provide service to businesses and organizations in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, with services including paper shredding, media destruction, hard disk destruction and, in the near future, digital imaging. We provide locked security bins in various sizes and styles at no charge, and our 32-point “Chain of Custody” system ensures that from the time confidential materials are placed in the security bins to when the shredded paper is baled and recycled by a domestic vendor into tissue and other paper products, materials stay secure and confidential. Our policies, processes and procedures meet or exceed national, third-party certification requirements for the confidential information destruction industry.  Click here for more  MaineBiz

Shredding Their Way to Success   –   Journal Tribune Weekend  April 17/18, 2010   –   Staff Writer Tammy Wells 

SANFORD ~ What do you call a start-up company that provides a needed service, employs people, produces revenue and contributes to a greener environment?

Most savvy business owners would call it a model for success.

The owners of Secure Records Management Systems, known as SecureRMS, call it a social enterprise.  SecureRMS is a confidential information destruction business; in short, they shred documents in a secure setting.  The company, which opened for business one month ago, is owned by Waban Projects, a non-profit agency that has provided services for people with developmental disabilities for more than 40 years.

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Value of Work Articulated at Public Hearing   –   Journal Tribune         Thursday, April 29, 2010

SANFORD – John Devoid enjoys his work.  So do Mike Liberty and Bonnie Sue Kibbey.  So the three of them shared a bit about their work experiences Tuesday during a public hearing of the Town Council on a state grant application that would provide training funds for Waban Projects, Inc.

There was no action required on the part of the council, as the panel at an earlier meeting had already signed off on the application for a $40,000 Public Service Community Development Block Grant from the state.  The public hearing is a requirement of the grant application process.

If the application is successful, the grant will help provide funds so Waban can train disabled adults to work at their new business, a confidential records destruction company called Secure Records Management Systems.

The total project cost is $288,000 with Waban investing about $248,000, said Town Planner James Gulnac.   Click here for more  Value_Work

Two Local Businesses Creating New Jobs   –   Article published May 6, 2010

SANFORD — Two local businesses are moving ahead with plans to expand and add new jobs.

Town councilors heard presentations last week from Craig Cunningham of Maine Manufacturing LLC and from Neal Meltzer, executive director of Waban Projects, Inc. Both companies are applying for funds through the state’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.

Maine Manufacturing plans to purchase additional machinery and equipment in order to expand its operations at its Community Drive facility and is seeking a $300,000 CDBG Development Fund loan to finance half of the cost of the purchase. Since Maine Manufacturing cannot apply directly for the Development Fund loan, Cunningham requested that the Town of Sanford apply on the company’s behalf.

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