SecureRMS is different from other document destruction companies in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont because our primary mission is to support deserving members of our communities who are often overlooked. SecureRMS is a social enterprise of Waban Projects, a 501-C3 non-profit social services agency located in Maine. Waban has successfully provided services to children and adults with developmental disabilities for over 40 years. Every year, Waban provides essential services to over 1,000 adults and children with special needs. Examples of the support that SecureRMS will help to fund and Waban will provide include: A preschool and community support program for 235 children with autism, developmental disabilities and emotional issues.

  • An adult day habilitation program for 200 adults.
  • A supported job training and employment program for 60 people.
  • 20 community based group homes providing 24/7 care for 80 residents.
  • Therapeutic recreation and experiential education for 410 participants at Camp Waban.

All communities have citizens with special needs. However, public funds to support them are always scarce and are often disappearing altogether. Rather than reducing crucial services, SecureRMS has been created to support Waban and their clients by:

  • Providing supported employment opportunities for Waban program participants.
  • Financially supporting the ongoing social services needs of our communities.

We have a winning combination! SecureRMS can help you manage a confidentiality problem and at the same time you can contribute to our communities by providing meaningful support to an underserved and deserving population.

Please visit the Waban Projects website, www.waban.org ,so you can see the work that organization does.


If you have confidential material that needs to be efficiently and securely destroyed, and are interested in supporting your community, please call us at 207-636-5700.

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