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Identity TheftOver the past several years identity theft has increased dramatically. According to the Federal Trade Commission, identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the country. Newspaper, magazine and industry publications constantly report examples of the difficulty caused when confidential information is used in an inappropriate manner. Unfortunately, the consequences of the misuse of your or your customer’s confidential information can result in financial loss, bad publicity and the loss of clients.

As the result of rapidly growing identity theft, governments on both the state and federal levels have passed laws that are intended to protect identity. Virtually all businesses/organizations in the country are impacted. In addition to identity theft regulation, there are numerous other state and federal regulations that address confidentiality. Major regulation includes:

  • FACTA – Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act. This legislation addresses the disposal of consumer information.
  • HIPPA – This legislation addresses the use of health information.
  • Graham-Leach-Bliley– This legislation addresses the use of consumer information.

If your organization has a documented security lapse the laws provide penalties for companies/organizations found to be in violation. Consider the bad publicity incurred if confidential information finds its way outside your organization. Security of your confidential information is SecureRMS’s top priority. The best way to address the risks of loss of privacy, identity theft or fraud is to let us assist you to mitigate that risk. SecureRMS adheres to rigorous policies and procedures to ensure that your business meets the needs of your customers and maintains compliance with government and industry regulations.

SecureRMS’s CHAIN OF CUSTODY ensures that your information remains secure and tracked at all time through the confidential destruction process as required by law.

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