We know that our success will depend on how well we meet the confidential destruction needs of your organization. SecureRMS will work hard to make surveysure that we understand your unique needs and respond to them quickly and efficiently. We want you to think that we are easy to work with and that we are partners in your business.  We will help you protect the information that you want to be confidential so that you can concentrate on managing your business.

Customer Service Reps

The person who services your organization on a regular basis is a Customer Service Representative who has undergone extensive truck driver training, rather than a truck driver who has had some customer service training. They are well trained to work with you and meet your needs. All SecureRMS employees wear uniforms and carry a picture ID.

Scheduled Pick Ups

One of the keys to establishing a smooth running relationship is making certain that we clearly identify the volume of material that you have and your space considerations. Once we understand that, we can agree on a schedule that meets your needs and keeps your cost down.

Service Agreements

Each SecureRMS customer will have a written service agreement that clearly identifies what we can expect of each other. The agreement will be based on the conversations that we have with you that identify what your needs are and how we can best meet them. Making sure that we understand each other and clearly document our responsibilities is the best way to meet your expectations.

Performance Guarantees

Each Service Agreement includes a performance guarantee that says if SecureRMS does not meet the requirements of the Service Agreement and fails to remedy the problem at the next pick up, the cost of that service is free.


On occasion, you will have high volumes of material that are greater your normal amount. These times may occur as planned purges of material or periodic housekeeping. In either event, we will work with you to meet this special need in quick and cost effective manner.

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