Shredding and Hard Drive Destruction

Hard Drive Destruction

Confidential information stored on hard drives and back up devices are the targets of data thieves. Storing or stockpiling hard drives is not a secure solution and can leave you vulnerable to theft and severe penalties. HIPAA violations can include fines up to $250,000 and 10 years in prison per privacy breach. Financial institutions can be penalized up to $100,000 for Gramm-Leach-Billey Act violations. Just erasing and degaussing hard drives is not always enough and data can sometimes be restored.

The SecureRMS solution is to provide NAID certified hard drive destruction services in the following way. Certified and background checked Customer Service Drivers retrieve hard drives from your location. Hard drives are securely transported in our GPS monitored trucks to our secure video-monitored facility. A manifest log of serial numbers of all hard drives is recorded. Hard drives are then degaussed and physically destroyed making them totally unreadable or usable. A Certificate of Destruction including a copy of the manifest log is provided to each customer.

For more information about Hard Drive Destruction call one of our representatives at 207-636-5700 or email us at

Paper Shredding

Whether you are cleaning out a year’s worth of files or have small quantities of confidential information that need to be shredded regularly, SecureRMS can meet your needs.  We can help you determine the best way to manage your confidential information materials and meet all privacy law requirements.

If you are currently shredding your confidential information using a small office shredder, we can help you assess if this is a compliant method and if it is the best and most economical use of your time.

For more information about paper shredding please click on the following FAQ’s link, call one of our representatives at 207-636-5700 or email us at

X-Ray Shredding

Yes, X-Rays are considered confidential information and must be destroyed appropriately. SecureRMS can provide this service in a confidential and environmentally sound way.

For more information about X-Ray shredding please call one of our representatives at 207-636-5700 or email us at

Digital Imaging

At SecureRMS, we are working on meeting all of your records management needs and are currently investigating developing high-volume scanning capabilities that would convert paper documents to searchable OCR digital files, images, or data in TIFF or PDF format. Output would be delivered on the portable media format of your choice (CD, DVD or portable hard drive) or via FTP.

While we currently don’t provide this service, please let us know if this is a service that would help you meet your business needs.

For more information about digital imaging please call one of our representatives at 207-636-5700 or email us at

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